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Air Pistol For Personal Use No Need Licence


  Stun Gun For Self Defence  

Every day we hear news of chain snatching, molestation of women , eve teasing , abuse and manhandling of women in the hands of men with cheap mentality and criminal mind. This is reality of life and we have to face it. God helps those who help themselves and we are no exception to this rule. If you have a sister or a daughter, gift her an air pistol this birthday and give her freedom from the fear of getting harassed by unlawful men hovering around in every street . You can buy and take along the latest air pistols without any license. Yes its legally allowed to keep air pistols in India for self defense. We have sold more than a thousand air pistols in Delhi . We are about to open two more air pistol shops in Gurgaon. Our air pistol shops in Noida have also registered huge rush in this year due to recent incidents of crime against women coming in media and press. We have slashed air pistols prices in Faridabad to look more competitive in the market. Our new manufacturing plant is also ready to begin production very soon. Our Air pistols in India come with one year replacement warranty and they are made of alloy metal which is rust resistant. You can avail the complementary three day training at our Delhi shooting range. Our shooting instructors will make you learn how to shoot the target from a distance and the various other skills which you can use as a sport as well. The air pistol has a built in safely lock in case it gets triggered accidentally. This safety lock prevents unintentional injury to self or others . We strongly recommend that it should be kept away from the reach of children and please don’t try it on your friends and pets. It is a potentially dangerous weapon and can cause life threatening injuries and hence it should be used only when there is a situation of life and death. As we want you safe both at home and outside, so stay armed and be confident.

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