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Traditionally man has been the bread earner and woman has been the home maker in an Indian family. With the advancements in science and technology service sector has established itself in India and job options have opened up for educated women. On one hand women employment rates are going up , on the other hand more and more working women are becoming victims of sexual harassment. In order to tackle crime against women the best strategy is to encourage them to learn how to defend themselves. Taking a leading step we have introduced in the Indian market a new electrical gadget which has the potential to change the lives of the working women in India. This device will give our mothers, sisters and daughters the confidence to face the world alone and deter the anti-social elements even from thinking about attempting anything like eve teasing.

It has an electric circuit which produces a high voltage current when activated. This current transforms to a shock when the charged terminal is touched with the body of a person or animal. Its body is made of insulated material which protects the user from the harmful effects of the current. It is quite user friendly and does not require any formal training or certification. It has been in use by the law enforcement agencies like police, prison guards, mental asylum personals etc at times of stampede, violent demonstrations, fights in prison etc. It comes in various models and you can also order it custom made , in a shape as per your requirement. It can be easily kept in a hand bag and brought out quickly in times of need. Once fired it can paralyze the target for at least half an hour, thus giving the victim enough time to escape from the scene of crime and ask for help . We will be first introducing stun gun in Delhi through our sales executives based at our stun gun shop in Noida. Based on the response from Delhi we will, in second phase introduce stun gun in Noida and then gradually open safty gun shops in India on the whole. We have kept a sales target of above one lakh of stun gun in Delhi itself for this year. We are offering huge discounts to our first two hundred early bird customers and planning for them a lucky draw to be held on independence day every year. So hurry up and place your order today.